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Performing Arts Storage Solutions

Whether you are part of a professional, community, university or high school performing arts program, keeping your many props, costumes, sets and instruments organized is likely an ongoing challenge.

With potentially hundreds of people in dozens of roles (from dancers and actors to makeup artists and costume designers) all working in close quarters, it’s easy for important items to get misplaced…especially when storage space is tight to begin with.

For performing arts programs at all sizes and all levels, Spacesaver high density mobile shelving can help transform your back-of-house and off-site storage areas.

These unique storage systems can be engineered to meet your company’s unique needs, and outfitted with add-ons like drawers, trays, cabinets and racks. For example, we can create theatre or dance costume storage solutions and designated storage options for  props, instruments, sheet music, scripts and makeup – no matter how unusual the dimensions are.

Large bulky items (such as sets or oversized props) are best suited to our heavy duty mobile shelving, which can also incorporate pallet racking.

Because these units are custom-built to your specifications, you can ensure that every category of items has a designated storage space. Not only will this help protect the items from damage, it will also make it easy for every member of the company to quickly find what they need when they need it.

And with button-powered or mechanical assist shelving, even the smallest members of your production can safely and easily move carriage weights of up to 10,000 pounds in order to access stored items.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of these high density systems is the ability to store a larger number of items in a more compact space – even as your production grows and evolves over the years. By optimizing your ability to store the items you need, you can enhance the quality and professionalism of your performances.

High density mobile shelving designed for the performing arts can make storage easier and keep your productions running smoothly. Contact Systems and Space today to learn more!


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