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Operating Room Storage Solutions

In the operating room, organization is critical. Decisions can happen quickly, which means sterile tools and instruments need to be easily accessible. Now more than ever, when hospitals and emergency departments are straining under the weight of COVID-19, operating room storage solutions are essential for success. 

If your hospital is experiencing growth—especially in demand for surgical procedures—your staff may be struggling to find storage space for surgical supplies. Our specially designed operating room storage solutions balance sterile environmental control with easy accessibility to help keep things “operating” smoothly. 

Benefits of Optimized Operating Room Storage

By increasing your point-of-need storage capacity, your operating room staff can quickly and conveniently access the items they need as soon as they need them. Better storage also yields better visibility and organization, which can reduce the risk of lost or damaged supplies.

An often overlooked benefit of increasing your operating room storage capacity is the ability to purchase surgical supplies in bulk. This can significantly reduce the cost of these specialized supplies while ensuring you always have essential items on-hand. Organized storage also supports cleanliness, allowing you to keep important surgical supplies sterile and safe for use.

Ultimately, each of these benefits furthers your goal of providing the highest possible level of patient care. Better organization means less time spent searching for necessary supplies and more time tending to the patient in need. Patients entering the operating room also tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed in an organized, aesthetically-pleasing environment. 

Best Operating Room Storage Solutions

Spacesaver high-density mobile shelving is a safe and efficient operating room storage solution. Unlike traditional static shelving, this system moves along a carriage-and-rail system, effectively eliminating wasted aisle space and doubling the capacity of your original storage area without the need for additional floor space. 

With mobile shelving, your hospital can increase  the amount of surgical supplies stored in the operating room while providing safe, easy, and immediate access to sterile medical items. Our mobile shelving can accommodate virtually any kind of medical storage, from Plexiglas or colored bins to wire racking.

Similarly, modular medical casework can provide you with a customized and flexible operating room storage solution. Because we have over 55,000 components available, our team can design a casework solution for your operating room that meets your specific needs. The wide variety of styles and finishes makes it easy to match your facility decor, providing a calm and professional environment that puts patients at ease. 

Glass or Plexiglas doors are excellent for improving visibility while keeping supplies sterile and free from dust and other external contaminants. Operating room staff can easily locate and identify surgery kits, coronary stents, needles, dressing, and other essential items. Modular shelving easily accommodates your evolving medical supply needs. Our operating room storage systems work well in countless settings.

The right operating room storage solution can reduce the risk of loss or damaged surgical supplies, help prevent infections and the spread of disease, reduce operational costs, and empower staff to provide a higher standard of patient care. 

All too often, surgical storage needs for operating rooms are overlooked. If your facility could benefit from optimized storage, contact Systems & Space today for more information and a free quote.


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