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Can Mobile Shelving Benefit Your Business?

High-density mobile shelving is an innovative, impactful solution for storing more items in less space. Unlike traditional static shelving, which requires aisleways in order to access the goods being stored, mobile shelving eliminates the need for fixed aisles…all without needing to increase the square footage of your storage area.

Here’s how it works: Standard shelves are mounted onto a carriage and rail system, allowing them to move with the simple push of a button or turn of a mechanical assist handle. This means you can fit a greater number of shelving units into the same amount of space, since you only need to access one aisleway at a time.

High-density mobile shelving is a simple, yet highly effective solution that can completely transform your workspace or storage area. Below are just a handful of the many industries that can benefit from installing a mobile shelving system.

1. Libraries

Library usage habits are shifting, and that means library design is changing, too. Rather than simply storing a large collection of books, modern libraries are focusing on providing more collaborative workspaces, media labs, meeting rooms, and hangout zones than ever before.

Creating these new community-friendly spaces means finding ways to store books and physical resources more efficiently within the same amount of space. In order to accommodate all of these needs, many libraries are rethinking their library shelving and turning to high-density mobile shelving.

2. Healthcare

For medical professionals, providing excellent patient care is the top priority. Space can be severely limited in busy hospitals and clinics, which means storage areas can become disorganized and cluttered. 

Finding the right products in a messy supply room can be time-consuming and frustrating for staff, and potentially hazardous for patients. High-density mobile shelving can keep your healthcare storage area neat and organized, allowing staff to spend less time sifting through supplies and more time treating patients.

3. Retail

Every retail manager knows how critically important it is to keep tabs on every piece of inventory. Each lost, stolen or damaged retail product negatively impacts your bottom line, and can also affect customer perception and employee morale.

Retail outlets need storage solutions that encourage quick item retrieval and access to inventory. High-density mobile shelving is the perfect solution! No more misplaced and forgotten items at the back of the storeroom; with the push of a button, your employees can access the goods your customers need and want.

4. Administrative Offices

Important files, project records, signed contracts, receipts, and employee mail—all crucial documents for any administrative office, that could have disastrous consequences if lost or misplaced. High-density mobile shelving is a unique solution that can transform your office space, giving workers immediate access to important files and records.

For documents that need to be kept confidential or under restricted access, PIN pad and audit trail capabilities can be added for additional security. 

These are just a few of the industries that can benefit from high-density mobile shelving. Systems & Space can provide a custom storage solution for your workspace or storage area; contact us today for more information.


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