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Mobile Grow Racks Boost Hydroponic Production Up To 30%

Mobile Grow Racks for Hydroponic Farms

Hydroponics is a rapidly growing area of interest within the commercial food production industry. Unlike traditional farming, hydroponic farms grow plants and herbs without soil. Instead, crops are grown in a mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, microgreens and culinary herbs are among the crops most frequently grown using hydroponics. As this growing method continues to rise in popularity, farmers are experimenting with new types of crops as well.

The Rise of Hydroponic Farming

Despite the recent uptick in popularity, hydroponic farming is not a new concept. During World War II, the U.S. army used hydroponics to grow fresh vegetables for troops stationed abroad on various Pacific Islands.

As climate conditions become more extreme and unpredictable over time—leading to droughts, freezes and heat waves—decreased crop yields are a growing concern. At the same time, vegetable prices are continuing to rise.

In response, restaurants, grocery stores and end-consumers are increasingly turning to hydroponic farmers to meet demand. 

In fact, many experts believe this high-tech growing method may be the way of the future, and the key to solving issues such as food insecurity, malnutrition and hunger.

Grow More With Mobile Grow Racks

Despite the incredible potential of hydroponic farming, many growers struggle to overcome obstacles such as limited space. How can indoor farms increase their yields and expand their operations when rent comes at a premium price point? By going vertical! 

Spacesaver high-density mobile systems are an ideal solution for hydroponic grow facilities. Indoor farming operations across the United States have already seen the revenue-boosting effects of high-density grow systems, and have boosted their growing area by more than 30%.

These systems eliminate wasted aisle space, allowing you to grow more plants and increase your yields within the same amount of growing space—all while maintaining consistent quality.

Additionally, these grow racks and hydroponic shelving can be integrated with your light, irrigation and ventilation systems to ensure optimal plant health. With a capacity of up to 7,000 pounds per carriage section, our heavy-duty grow systems can accommodate large-scale commercial hydroponic operations.

As businesses and consumers grapple with issues like procuring year-round fresh produce while minimizing environmental impacts, hydroponic farming will only continue to grow as a viable solution.

Ask Systems & Space how your hydroponic operation can increase yields, reduce costs and boost revenue with high-density grow systems. Contact us today!


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