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Keyless Lockers Simplify Parcel Delivery for Apartments & Condos

If you’re the manager of high rise apartment complex or condo, you already know how much of a hassle coordinating parcel deliveries can be.


Leasing office staff often end up spending a disproportionate amount of their time receiving packages from mail carriers and handing them off to residents, rather than working on more valuable tasks. Meanwhile, residents can quickly become frustrated with the leasing office’s limited hours, which may delay them from picking up their parcel in a timely manner.


Many leasing offices also lack the space and resources necessary to manage, organize, and store a large number of parcels, which can lead to a cluttered workspace. This problem can also result in misplaced, lost, damaged, or even stolen deliveries.


TANmode DROP is the flexible parcel distribution system for high rise apartment complexes, condos, college dorms, businesses, and other locations that rely on secure, streamlined parcel deliveries.BeCode miniPAD 01-klassisch_black Kopie

How DROP Parcel Delivery System Works

The delivery agent uses the DROP Terminal – which features an easy-to-use touchscreen – to select their organization (if applicable) and choose a locker size: extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large. If needed, they can click a “Help” button for more information about which locker size to choose.


They select the recipient by entering their name, and then scan the parcel. At this point, they’ll be able to receive a 2-digit TAN code along with a locker number. The delivery agent uses this code to open the keyless locker and place the parcel inside. Once the locker door is closed, they’ll press “Save” on the DROP Terminal screen.


This automatically sends an email and/or text notification to the recipient, which contains the locker number and a 4-digit TAN code. At their convenience, the recipient visits the locker and retrieves their parcel – no need to alter their schedule based on limited office hours.



Benefits of DROP Parcel Distribution System

  • Streamlines the parcel delivery process for the delivery agent, apartment office staff, and the recipient
  • Reduces the risk of lost, damaged, misplaced or stolen packages
  • Helps keep leasing offices free from clutter, and allows staff to focus on the more important aspects of their jobs
  • No additional equipment is needed for the delivery agent to deposit parcels
  • System is operated offline, protecting it from manipulation and security threats via the Internet
  • Even small installations can be installed, operated, and expanded quickly and easily

Watch the video below to see DROP in action:


Want to know more about how the TANmode DROP parcel system could benefit your high rise apartment complex, condo, college campus, or office building? Contact us today – we’d be happy to provide more information and a quote!


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