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Over the past decade, the microbrewery and wine bar trends have exploded across the nation. The growth of these industries has set a new precedent for consumers, many of whom are no longer satisfied with having just a handful of wine or beer options to choose from.

Instead, patrons now expect to sample from an expansive list of craft beers, ciders and local wines on tap. For many, a night out at the bar is more than just a chance to catch up with friends and unwind; these occasions almost serve as a craft beer or wine tasting opportunity.

Of course, this presents a major challenge for distributors—how can they keep up with the ever-growing consumer demand for more beer and wine SKUs, without overwhelming their storage capacities?

Additionally, how can distributors ensure their inventory includes a variety of little-known, up-and-coming and specialty craft beverages, as well as the best-selling classics that many consumers know and love?

Maximize Your Keg Storage with ActivRAC 

ActivRAC is a high-density mobile storage solution that eliminates wasted aisle space, allowing you to store 50% more keg inventory in your existing storage area. 

This is a cost-effective alternative to renovating or expanding your warehouse—receive all the benefits of increased inventory, without incurring additional operation or construction costs. 

And because white wine is stored at a similar temperature to craft beer, you can use your increased cooler capacity to allow ample space for additional kegs of both white wine and craft beer.

ActivRAC makes it easier to organize your SKUs and access your inventory, while reducing handling time. Find the SKUs you need right when you need them, and get them delivered to your accounts faster than ever before.

No matter which products you stock or how large your inventory is, Systems & Space can help design a wine storage or keg storage solution that will work for your space. Contact us today to start making the most of this booming market!


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