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Safely Storing Fine Art for Museums

For many fine art museums, the number of pieces placed in storage far outweighs the number on display at any given time. And as new pieces are acquired and collections grow over the years, finding sufficient storage space can become increasingly difficult.

Of course, solutions should be more than just sufficient in size – they should also be secure enough to protect and preserve the collection over the span of many years.

Quite often, building new storage areas or reconfiguring the blueprint of the museum is simply not an option. Instead, museum curators must work within the existing space and optimize it to meet their ever-changing needs.

The best museum storage systems will protect your existing fine art pieces, while ensuring your collection has room to grow over the years. Typically, these solutions will incorporate a combination of high density mobile shelving units, racks, and cabinets.

High Density Mobile Storage for Fine Art

When it comes to storing fine art in museum archives, every square inch of available floor space is precious. We recommend Spacesaver’s high density mobile shelving systems, which can be mounted on floor carriages to eliminate the need for multiple aisleways.

This type of high density storage system reduces the amount of space required to store your existing fine art, while also making room for future collections. Whenever a piece of artwork needs to be added or removed from the archives, units can be moved to allow for 100% accessibility.

Spacesaver offers mobile storage solutions designed specifically with museums in mind, which have been configured to safeguard and protect your fine art collections. These units can also accommodate bulky items such as statues and other three-dimensional artifacts.

For even greater protection and practical solutions, we also recommend our museum-grade cabinets and mobile art racks. Glass doors on our cabinets allow for full viewing of the stored artwork, while smooth-gliding drawers make it easy to organize small or flat items.


These cabinets are airtight, allow for a consistent level of humidity and temperature, and protect against dust, fingerprints, insects, and other contaminants.


Is finding sufficient, secure museum storage for your fine art collection a challenge? Contact Systems and Space today to learn more!


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