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Emergency Preparedness Storage for Business

Emergency Preparedness Storage for Businesses

One of the lessons highlighted by the COVID-19 crisis is the need to keep preparedness supplies on hand for future emergencies and disasters. Many businesses have felt the financial impact of closing their doors for an extended period of time, and sadly a number of these businesses will never reopen. 

Storing personal protective equipment and other medical supplies is one of the best ways for businesses to ensure future readiness and minimize disruptions in the event of an emergency.

Of course, these types of supplies can take up a lot of space, and many organizations are already struggling to find the space to store their own inventory. Making room for emergency supplies that may or may not be used in the near future can feel like an impossible task.

Fortunately, there is no need to invest in costly building expansion products to store your emergency supplies. It is possible to design well-planned long-term preparedness storage in your existing facility by increasing storage capacity. 

How to Design Effective Long-Term Preparedness Storage

Optimizing storage capacity in your existing facility requires the right products and a careful planning process. Traditional static shelving wastes space by leaving a large percentage of aisle floor space unused.

By comparison, high-density mobile storage consists of shelving units that move along rails installed on the floor, eliminating the need for multiple aisles. With the turn of a handle or push of a button, any aisle way can be easily opened and accessed, while the rest remain closed.

Mobile storage delivers the same capacity as static shelving in half the floor space, allowing businesses to double their storage capacity. This high-density system can solve virtually any storage challenge, including the need to store enough emergency preparedness supplies.

No matter if you have a small storeroom or a large warehouse, your organization can store roughly twice as many preparedness supplies in your existing storage space. Mobile storage also makes it easier, quicker, and safer for staff to access stored items.

Whether you are stocking items for a future emergency or preparing to safely reopen your doors in the wake of COVID-19, optimized preparedness storage can help you keep your employees and customers safe.

Preparing for the “New Normal”

As you begin thinking about optimizing your storage, compile information about which preparedness items need to be stored and how much space they will take up. Also identify opportunities to consolidate stored emergency supplies from across the organization, and the employees who will be responsible for maintaining and accessing these storage spaces. 

Promote emergency readiness with a mobile storage system that streamlines the storage and retrieval processes, ensures accountability, and makes the most of limited storage space. The end result: a durable, well-designed system that will help your team prepare for any crisis. 

Systems & Space is your partner in disaster preparedness. Learn about our high-density mobile storage and other space-saving solutions by contacting Systems & Space today.


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