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AIA/CES Credit Programs for Architects, California

Earn AIA/CES Credits with Systems & Space

Are you an Architect or aspiring Architect? If so, you most likely already know that The American Institute of Architects (AIA) requires all of their licensed architect members to earn 5 continuing education credits each year in California. Depending on which state you’re located in, you may also need to complete continuing education requirements to renew your state license.

And if you’re still in the process of becoming licensed, certain AIA-approved courses may count towards your experience requirement for licensure. In other words, continuing education is an important part of your career as an architect, so it’s important to find programs that are informative, interesting, and provide real value to you.

Are you currently in need of more AIA/CES credits? Systems & Space is a registered provider, and we’ve got you covered!

How AIA/CES Credits Work

The AIA/CES program was designed to encourage architects to continue their education in all kinds of settings, from presentations to interactive courses, and from online learning to architectural landmark tours.

One hour of continuing education equates to one Learning Unit (LU). AIA members in California must earn 5 LUs from registered AIA/CES providers each year, and a certain number of those credits must be related to health, safety and welfare. Your LUs must come from programs hosted by AIA-approved providers.

Systems & Space is a Registered AIA/CES Provider

Do you still need to fulfill your LU requirements? You’re in luck! Systems & Space is a registered provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems.

We offer a variety of interesting and informative programs to help Architects and Designers complete their best work and drive positive change through the power of design. Our programs were designed specifically with your continuing education needs and interests in mind.

Whether your focus is on Public Safety, Museums, Libraries, Education, Business or Healthcare, our objective is to address modern industry challenges in relation to Storage and Organization. We’ll discuss unique storage applications, and discover how innovative storage solutions can address budget and sustainable design challenges.

Learn about diverse, engaging and timely topics such as:

  • Law Enforcement – Storage Secured
  • Smart Storage – Smarter Workspaces
  • Smart Storage Solutions Across Campus

Join us for an AIA/CES presentation, followed by a wine and cheese reception with wine from our personal collection. Lunch & learns are also available – we’re happy to work with you.

For more information or to schedule your AIA/CES presentation, contact Systems & Space today!


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