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Commercial Office Storage Options

The role of commercial office space in the post-pandemic era is evolving as businesses adapt to the new normal. The pandemic has accelerated the shift toward remote work, and companies are rethinking the traditional office space as a result.

The commercial office space has shifted to focus on collaboration, creativity, and connection as companies seek incentives to bring employees back to a central location. This new role requires a new layout where floorplans are optimized for interaction and additional space can be used for amenities like childcare and built-in catering. Employees find value in large, collaborative conference rooms as well as isolated, quiet workspaces, and the modern commercial office will need to have both to function well.

While many companies recognize these shifting trends, accommodating them in the same office spaces that have been home to your business for years or decades can be a challenge. The right storage and organization tools can help make the best use of your space. 

When choosing a storage solution for your commercial office, it’s important to consider the size of your space, the items that you need to store, and your budget. You should also think about the functionality that you need, such as the ability to lock up sensitive information, or the ability to easily access items when you need them. Here are some commercial office storage options that can help.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

Everyone has seen shelving systems in office spaces. As a go-to approach for holding everything from essential files to decorations, it’s easy for shelving to become cluttered. Shelving also isn’t known for flexibility, often taking up entire walls or rooms with rows of racks. High density mobile shelving offers all the versatility of traditional shelving, with the added benefits of greater storage capacity and space-saving options. 

High-density shelving can be customized for all kinds of materials, regardless of size, weight, or environmental needs. A mobile shelving system also saves space by eliminating the need for fixed aisles.  

Modular Bin Storage

Bin storage is a great way to save space and keep organized while storing a lot of materials, especially materials of different shapes and sizes. Bin storage systems are made up of standard sized plastic bins that hang together on a rail. Depending on the storage needs, wire containers can be substituted for plastic bins. The shape and angle of the rails can also be adjusted and re-adjusted as needed. By adding a modular, mobile, element to a bin storage system, it becomes even more versatile. 

Modular Casework

Casework can offer both storage and aesthetic appeal in an office space. It is also easy to organize and allows you to store documents or materials out of sight and away from potential accidents. 

The challenge with casework is that once it has been installed, it becomes time-consuming and expensive to make adjustments. Modular casework, however, addresses this problem. Designed to move easily around an interior as needed, the design of modular casework can change with your business needs. 

Whether you are looking to maximize floor space, organize clutter, or securely store sensitive information, SSI has a storage solution for you. By consulting with our experts to assess your storage needs and choose the right solution for your office, you can create a functional and organized workspace.


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