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Keyless Lockers for Gyms

Plentiful locker space is a must when it comes to operating a successful gym or fitness center.

After all, many gym goers need a secure place to store their wallets, car keys, purses, clothing, shoes, and other valuable personal items while they’re exercising, showering, or enjoying the sauna.

Keyless locking systems can add an element of luxury to your gym by providing a safe, secure, and easy to use system for protecting your guests’ belongings.



Say Goodbye to These Common Gym Locker Problems

Traditional lockers present a number of challenges for both gym goers and employees.

Lost Locker Keys

Replacing lost keys can be time consuming, costly, and frustrating for everyone involved.

It’s easy for a key to slip out of someone’s pocket while they’re jogging on the treadmill, or for someone to set down and forget their key while they’re refilling their water bottle.

When a locker key gets misplaced, fitness center employees have to dedicate valuable time to looking for or replacing that lost key. The guest is unable to retrieve their personal items, and that locker is out of commission for other guests to use until a solution is found.

Locker Hogging

Have you ever been surprised to find that all of the lockers in your gym were occupied, despite the fact that there were very few people actually in the gym?

Frequent gym goers may feel entitled to their own locker, especially if it’s a fitness center where guests provide their own locks. To ensure their favorite locker is available to them everyday, they may “claim” it by keeping it locked 24/7 and taking the key home with them.

In other words, even when they’re not currently using the gym, they’re preventing other guests from using “their” locker. Locker hogging is a growing problem, especially at private membership fitness centers.


If your gym doesn’t currently provide free locks to guests, then some of your gym goers may be storing their belongings without locking them up. Whether they forgot their lock at home that day or simply haven’t gotten around to buying one, unlocked lockers can lead to theft of expensive phones, wallets, and keys.

While gym managers may not actually be at fault in these situations, stolen items still lead to dissatisfaction among customers.

Keyless Locking Systems are the Hottest Gym Trend

Keyless locking systems are the ideal security solution for lockers that are used by many people throughout the day. With our keyless locking system, you’ll never have to worry about lost keys, broken locks, locker hogging, or locker room theft.

How Do These Systems Work?

Gym goers simply choose a keyless locker, and generate a random one-time use code with the push of a button. They can then safely store their belongings while they exercise, shower, and even enjoy a post-workout smoothie from the cafe.

When they’re ready, they simply open the locker using their unique code and grab their personal items. At this point, the locker automatically becomes available and ready to generate a new code for a new user.

Did someone forget their code? Has one of the lockers been locked for days on end? As the system administrator, you have the power to query the currently valid code or generate a new one to access the locker.

Create a Better Experience for Guests and Employees

By using keyless locking systems in your gym, guests won’t need to remember to bring their own locks, keep track of locker keys, or worry about their belongings being stolen.

Additionally, your employees will have more time to greet guests at reception and ensure a positive guest experience, rather than wasting time dealing with problems in the locker room.

Today, keyless locking systems are being implemented in the most luxurious, innovative, and tech-forward gyms and fitness centers across the country – and they’re attracting more guest sign-ups in the process.

Set your gym apart and attract more guests with safe and secure keyless locking systems! Want to learn more? Contact us or request a quote!


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