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Storage comes in a variety of methods: shelving, lockers, modular, and more. But to be truly effective, it takes an integrated approach that matches your company’s needs. 

Systems & Space has been working in Northern California to develop Bay Area storage system solutions for more than 25 years. We know the importance of understanding what it is you do, how you do it, and what makes sense for your employees (or even customers and visitors). We also know that space = money, and the more efficient your space use, the more you can maximize your facility investment. 

Lockers for Evidence or Personal Use

One of the more important tools for evidence storage in law enforcement is a high-quality locker system. We work with our partners at Spacesaver, providing secure evidence lockers that make it simple to maintain a well-documented chain of custody and track evidence activity at all times. 

We offer three types of evidence lockers. Pass-Thru (PT) Lockers are built into the wall between the evidence processing and long-term evidence storage areas, allowing items to be deposited from one side and retrieved from the other. These can include an optional lockout system that prevents the front doors from opening when the rear doors are open, restricting unauthorized access to the property and evidence room. 

Non-Pass-Thru (NPT) Lockers simply have one self-closing door where evidence is both deposited and retrieved. These storage solutions easily mount against a wall, and have the option to be converted into PT lockers if needed. 

Our Refrigerated Evidence Lockers are engineered to maintain a constant temperature between 38 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve biological evidence. Built-in alarms warn of fluctuations in temperature. 

Systems & Space also offers secure personal lockers, ideal for public safety officers and military use. With flexibility in configuration, these customizable lockers contain locked compartments for small personal items, peg board holes for hanging clothing and gear, benches and seating options, drawers, and air ventilation and electrical integration options.  

High-Density Mobile Shelving 

Mobile shelving is an ideal way to reduce the amount of space used for storage while keeping items (and employees) safe. Because the shelving is movable, it can be collapsed so that only one aisle of floor space is available at any time, saving businesses close to half the space used by static shelving. 

Systems & Space offers powered, mechanical-assist and manual mobile shelving systems. Powered systems are activated by the push of a button, providing easy access to aisles as shelves are moved. Mechanical-assist shelves are moved using an ergonomically designed three-spoke rotating handle, and manually operated shelves are moved using a straight handle. 

We offer mobile shelving for standard, heavy-duty, and low-profile uses, providing Bay Area storage system solutions for a variety of industries. 

Storage for Safe, Efficient Access

For ultimate flexibility, we provide modular bin storage and casework systems that can be moved and reconfigured easily. From IT departments to pharmacies and retail spaces, these bins are ideal for organizing any workplace. 

Specifically, lab, scientific and healthcare interiors require flexible, modular casework for employees to perform tasks effectively. Custom workstations can be designed from standard units and components to create a professional lab that supports collaboration, research, utility management and storage access. 

Better Storage Solutions for the Bay Area

No matter your storage requirements, we are here to work with you on a design that makes sense for your organization. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximize your space.  


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