Systems and Space (Spacesaver San Francisco area) helps improve efficiency and save space in a variety of markets, including libraries, museums, offices, warehouses, public safety, healthcare, and the military. See how we can help you.

Education and Library

Using Space Better Across Campus and Community Areas

Today’s campuses and libraries are changing, and Spacesaver helps educational institutions in the San Francisco area create space for new learning environments. Libraries are converting traditional collection stacks to community spaces and collaboration areas.

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Healthcare Storage

Keeping More Supplies Closer

Central location, decentralized patient care, and sterile storage (to reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections) can get you back to spending time with patients.

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Law Enforcement

Increasing Flexibility, Preserving the Chain of Custody

Boost morale and improve safety by giving employees an organized space to work in. Better storage, from personal storage lockers, to evidence lockers, to high-density mobile shelving, leads to better community service.

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Accommodating a Growing and Varied Collection

Our expert museum storage consultant can help design storage spaces and provide insights about protecting collections while improving organization and workflow processes. From museum cases to compactors to art racks, we offer high-quality museum storage products that are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

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Office Storage

Reducing Storage Footprint to Modernize Work Areas

Teamwork is trending. Private offices are opening into public areas. High-density mobile shelving gives organizations the space to change and interact.

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U.S. Armed Forces

Securing Weapons, Gear, and Supplies

Space is at a premium. Save space, save time, and increase accountability with better Armed Forces storage solutions.

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Industrial Warehouse

Increasing SKUs and Pallet Positions without Facility Expansion

Industrial-grade mobile shelving saves expensive space in the San Francisco area. Moveable heavy-duty racking can be configured to accommodate small or large, bulky items and can be outfitted to work in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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