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Standard High-Density Mobile Storage Maximizes Space, Adds Efficiency and Safety Benefits

In the majority of workplaces across various industries, there’s a need for more space. Whether it’s simply more space for items or creating room for additional operations or collaborative spaces, high density mobile storage can be used in virtually any industry to maximize space to its full potential.

Systems & Space offers completely customizable standard high density mobile storage solutions that eliminate fixed aisles by placing stationary shelving and cabinets on carriages that move back and forth. Creating this moveable aisle allows for complete access to all materials while uncovering extra space to do the things that will have a positive impact on your business, regardless of your industry or market.

Not only do our storage solutions maximize space, they also offer efficiency and safety benefits.

Added Efficiency

From weapons storage in an Air Force base to increased book shelving in a university law library to secure evidence storage in several California police departments, our mobile storage does it all.

Any type of storage units or shelving can be mounted on mobile carriages: four-post shelving, case-type shelving, cantilever shelving — even the existing shelving and cabinets you already own.

The system is offered in the following three modes of operation, so your company can choose the solution that works best for your needs.

  • Powered — Activated by the push of a button, with easy access to enter the aisles as the shelves begin to move.
  • Mechanical Assist — Mobile shelves are moved by turning an ergonomically designed, three-spoke rotating handle.
  • Manual — Ideal for systems with lighter loads, in this cost-effective alternative to mechanical-assist control, shelves are moved from side to side by pulling a straight handle.

Enhanced Safety

One significant benefit to an organized space is both the safety of your employees and the safety of your items. Our standard high density mobile storage solutions are designed with safety and security in mind.

Powered high-density mobile shelving can be equipped with different controls, depending on the security and access needs of your business:

  • Standard push-button
  • Infrared capable
  • Secure touchpad aisle access control
  • LCD touchscreen control

In mechanical assist mode, with only one pound of effort, users are able to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 pounds, offering employees an ergonomic solution.

Additional safety features that can be added to our custom-made systems include:

  • Systems can be designed to close and lock when not in use.
  • Safety sweep options prevent shelves from closing when objects are detected in an aisle.

Interested in learning more about how standard high-density mobile storage solutions can benefit your business? Contact Systems & Space for a complimentary space and storage analysis.


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