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High Density Vertical Growing System Solutions for Northern California Businesses

In Northern California, as in other markets, cannabis production is among the fastest growing industries in the modern economy. Legalization and comparatively high revenue streams have brought entrepreneurs from all over the country to participate in the “green rush,” creating a thriving industry and a market that is ripe for innovation.

 But some challenges await, especially for small business owners in the cannabis market of Northern California. Sky-high real estate prices in the area, including prices for the industrial warehouses favored by growers, make rapid growth essential to keep a business afloat. Moreover, with the growth of this billion-dollar industry, the market is beginning to consolidate, with larger companies who have more access to resources taking over smaller operations or muscling them out.

In this climate, it is essential that growers take advantage of innovative solutions to maximize the use of available space, keeping costs down, profits out, and their products competitive. High density vertical growing systems, like those designed at SSI, are one such approach.  

What is a High Density Vertical Growing System?

A high density vertical growing system is an innovative approach to the organization of a grow space. While typical warehouse operations work to maximize the available horizontal space, this approach leaves thousands of square feet unused. A vertical system incorporates additional shelving that extends vertically up to 30 feet, allowing growers to make use of all the space in the warehouse — not just what’s on the ground. In one case study, a Colorado grower was able to increase their canopy size by 500% by implementing a vertical system. 

Support Profitability and Remain Competitive?

In the cannabis industry, as with any agricultural operation, the health of the plants is paramount. To maintain a high yield, plants must have consistent access to the correct lighting, temperature, and care. However, to maximize profits and remain competitive, growers also need to produce as many plants as possible. This creates a delicate balance, where overcrowding can limit access to light and other resources, but under-production can drive a grower out of business in a competitive market.

High density vertical growing systems help to eliminate the problem of overcrowding by making more efficient use of the space. Under this model, growers can increase production without having to purchase more space. Since more plants can grow in the same square footage, costs for lighting, irrigation, and energy consumption also remain low while production increases. 

These systems are also designed to be easily and safely accessible for workers, even without the added aisle space of other models. Mechanical-assist handles allow workers to easily access any aisle at any time, and a built-in carriage-and-rail system can allow maximum flexibility while keeping workers safe. 

A high density vertical growing system can be custom designed to fit any space or operation and is easy to integrate with existing lighting, ventilation, and other equipment so that it can start working right away.

If you are searching for a way to maximize the use of your grow space in Northern California, contact us today to talk about the system that’s right for you.


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